Brief Description:

Under supervision, maintain mouse colonies including all aspects of breeding, timed breeding, pre-weaning, weaning, aging and sexing and retiring. Provide husbandry management of gnotobiotic and germ-free animals. Observe and report clinical health deviations. Describe phenotypes and collect and submit samples for proper genotyping. Interpret genotyping results to select the proper mice for breeding and shipment.


Support importation/rederivation, assist reproduction and requests including identification and recording of various stages of reproduction (estrus selection, vaginal plug identification and palpation of pups), chimera identification, and superovulation injections.


Assist in project management, tracking projects, communicating status and creating reports. Perform basic husbandry tasks including transport of clean and dirty supplies, room environmental checks, cage servicing (change, feed and water, age and wean), animal welfare observations (health/deviant reporting) and animal health (sentinel program and routine health selection).


Entry of colony management data into several computerized formats; communicate colony updates to supervisor, MBP core lab supervisors, UCD investigators and off-site clients on routine basis; facilitate transition of colonies from MBP to management under TRACS. 


For Full Consideration Apply By:  July 13, 2021

Job ID:  20268

Payroll Title:  SRA 1 (MBP Colony Technician)

Department:  OR-Mouse Biology

Salary Range: $23.34 - $27.85   

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